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Miles and miles of fabric and cloth have been resting for 30, 40, 50 years in abandoned warehouses and dusty garages. A world of forgotten precious remnants that Germana Bargoni, driven by her passion for textile archeology, has been digging up and retrieving by diving into old storage rooms and shops in Italy, Europe and the United States.

What emerges is the ancient story of texture, brightly colored fabrics, retro yet timeless fantasies that Germana pieces together by crafting unique items and often, given the preciousness of her collection, turning them into one-of-a-kind rare gems: dresses, shirts, blouses, bowling pants...

Every item is handmade and hand-stitched by Germana in her Bologna workshop.

In each piece of clothing a fragment of a colorful, elegant and unique past, relives and a small story can be told. It’s a past were Gira la Moda was present.

And you just know that fashion turns, turns and... turns. 

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